ek9 suspension

From soft stock to hardcore track, what do you use?
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Re: ek9 suspension

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Sadly, I couldn't get my hands on a fresh ek9 suspension so I found a dc2R which was in great condition. However, the rear shocks will not fit due to the different jdm wishbone and shock design. So, I kept the shocks and I used my old bilsteins sports which i had them revalved. The springs' height is almost identical to my old HnR springs. Great result and much more comfortable on bumpy roads. I will upload some pics to show you.

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Re: ek9 suspension

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I found a guy who compared the weights of swaps and if I remember correct its about 42-43 kg going from practically any D to B including everything. On my EJ6 this seemed about right. I'll post the link here if I can find it again but I came up empty handed doing a google search. This guy literally weighted in engines, trannies, axles of many D's and B's bringing me to this conclusion. It also completely matched one of my previous cars with a B swap with the official scaling done by the authorities (they put the car +40 kg.. but there is a large uncertainty due to fluid weights, spare wheel etc.).

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