Drum to brakedisc swap

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Re: Drum to brakedisc swap

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What he says!

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Re: Drum to brakedisc swap

Post by mynameisowen »

So to confirm: to swap to rear discs you need to swap entire trailing arm (with hub/bearing/brakes/etc) from any civic (EG/EK), del sol, integra, etc.

Also need brake lines and handbrake cables from relevant vehicle (this is a pain in the arse because will be horrible to remove from old vehicle!!)

Is this correct?

As far as I see it the only joints to chassis from trailing arm are the trailing arm bush and to the lower control arm. If these are the same throughout all the vehicles mentioned above then it should fit. If not then no! Anyone know this?
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Re: Drum to brakedisc swap

Post by sandras »

Hello, I have a non-ABS EJ9. Will ABS-equipped Del Sol parts fit my drum to disc brake swap?


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Re: Drum to brakedisc swap

Post by saxophonias »

del sols are actually egs. So I guess yes.

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