EJ9 Front bumper: inner splash guards or air barriers?

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EJ9 Front bumper: inner splash guards or air barriers?

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Hey guys,

while trying to deal with some stubborn screws on my license plate holder (previous owner sure didn't care about this ever getting off), I discovered there are two thin sheets of plastic fixed on a bumper from inner side:

- one larger, square shaped, slightly bigger than a A4 paper format (screwed on with 4 bolts)
- one smaller, rectangular shape, fitted inside the bumper grille hole (fixed on with small steel clamps)...

I took these off in order to gain access but didn't put them back just yet. Now, I'm wondering what purpose to these have on our cars? Just a protection from rain/water or improving the airflow?

I can easily see my exhaust manifold through the bumper now which means it's getting cooled at higher speeds - how much of an effect on the exhaust gas speeds do you think this might have?

The only reason I can think of why this would be great is to keep the engine bay cooler. Would love to hear more on this!

What do you guys think?

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