d13 to d14 swap. help!!!

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d13 to d14 swap. help!!!

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hey there i am new to this forum. i seem to have been a member for a while but i have never used it for some reason. i have been looking at your other comments etc and you all seem to be very helpful. I have a civic 95 hb. it has the 1.3 electronically controlled single carb engine in it. i am trying to investigate what kind of work is involved in swapping in my d14a4 engine into it. i have the whole civic that the d14 came out of but i don't know what i need to do.
i know i have to swap the fuel lines, the fuel tank, filter etc. what other work do i need. will i have to swap the wiring from the front end right to the tail lights op is there another way to do this. any help would be much appreciated. thats very much.

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Re: d13 to d14 swap. help!!!

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Welcome to the board, please introduce yourself at the appropiate section as well.

I guess getting the electronics to work means investing in reading the workshopmanuals for both models and combining it somewehere. The electrical wiring is very different in both cars so it will be a lot of work.

The D14 engine loom I know is pretty stand alone including the ECU. From there you need to reconfigure the connection from the green plug near the ECU which mainly taps into the underhood fusebox. And then the dash side is different. How much? I guess you are on your own, I do not know many people who have done it. Craziest I did myself was a 1.5 5th gen Chassis in which I wired a DOHC CRX engine from 1990... however that was relatively simple since the ECU connectors were similar in that setup.

For this one, you really have to ask yourself is it worth the trouble? Maybe you have good reasons for this trouble, but if you are not experienced with the wiring it might bring you down. I would personally if I HAD to do it work out every little bit of wiring and find myself a spot to merge both looms with the least effort.

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