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Pinouts SFi


EDM P3X (D14A3) and P3Y (D14A4)



On this page the OBD (OBD2a?) sheme of the Sfi (Simplified Fuel injection) engines are presented EDM (Europen Domestic Market) style. Some connections are different from car to car. Those are marked grey. These pinouts are very alike pinouts that used for certain D16 engines in Australia and certain D15 engines in the Middle East. The exact specs of these engines are unknown to me. However, these pinouts may be helpful for more people. Note that the connectors are the same as the A and D connector from the OBD1 ECU’s. However, the numbering has changed to OBD2a style.


 D14A3 / D14A4 pinout



ACC -   A/C relay

ACS -   A/C switch

ALTC -  Alternator relay, for control purposes, not present on all ECU’s

ALTF -  Alternator switch

BKSW- Brake switch, for control purposes, not present on all ECU’s

ECT -    Engine coolant temperature

ELIMA- Electric load detection, not present on all ECU’s

FANC - Fan relay, for control purposes, not present on all ECU’s

FLR -    Fuel relay

IACV -  Idle air control valve, controls the 3 wire type IACV valve, (N)egative and (P)ositive control

IAT -     Intake air temperature

IGPLS- Ignition pulses, 1 is always present, 2 can be ignored

IGP -    Battery feed, only active when key is turned

IGR -    Engine speed

IMO -    Checks IMO code of the key and activates FLR if correct

INJ -     Injector, the numbers refer to the pair of cylinders connected (1 is on the side with the belts)

LG -      Ground for battery circuit

MAP -   Manifold absolute pressure

MIL -     Motor indication light, this one gives the control engine light (CEL) signal

PCS -   Control solenoid, this one is for the small black cylindric valve on the back of the IM

PG -     Ground for battery circuit

PSP. -  Power steering switch, not present on all ECU’s

O2S -   Oxygen sensor (lambda sensor) signal

SCS -   Service connector switch, checks if the SCS connector is hot wired (for reading engine error codes)

SG -     Ground for 5V circuit, 1 is for the MAP sensor, 2 is for the other sensors

STS -    Starter switch

TDC -    Top dead centre

TPS -    Throttle position signal

TXD. -   Diagnostic connector, communication signal to the 3 wire connector next to the SCS connector

VBU -   Back up battery feed, always active (unless battery is removed)

VCC -   5V feed, 1 is for the MAP sensor, 2 is for the other sensors

VSS -   Vehicle speed sensor



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